Watercolor Prints

I met Samantha Bias at a local shop here in Cleveland (shout out to Coven!) while browsing crystals and incense. I fell in love with her water color painting of a heart shaped bottle with an amethyst crystal stopper that was labeled "Love Potion No. 9".

We decided to do a collab inspired by my jewelry where she had full creative reign - and what she came up with blew my heart away into a thousand sparkling pieces!

"Heartbreaker" is inspired by my iconic Heartbreaker necklace. It has a Breaker of Chains vibe which is perfect because every Mother of Dragons needs a giant spiked heart statement piece in their arsenal.

"Wear Your Heart" is inspired by my mantra turned slogan. A battle cry for those that are brave enough to wear their heard on their sleeve every day.
    • Standard postcard sized print
    • Fits in a 5x7 picture frame
    • Limited quantity available  
  • SAMANTHA BIAS is a Cleveland, Ohio based artist who paints moody portraits in watercolor that are often inspired by elements from the natural world.