Interview with Rebelicious Magazine

A: I really connect to the idea that there is a duality in all of us – light vs. dark, if you will. I love combining darker elements like spikes and skulls with softer elements such as crystals and hearts. I design everything for the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve even if that heart is slightly guarded and covered in spikes.

A: Music, travel, a trip to an antique store - I find inspiration in everything! Once something sparks my interest I make sure to capture it in a picture or a sketch so I can recall that exact moment of inspiration once I'm back in my studio. I have a collection of notebooks and sketchpads with ideas that I've been collecting long before Bunny Paige even existed. All I need to do is flip through them and I'm instantly inspired to create something new.

A: I've always thought that there was something magical about Swarovski crystals. The way they sparkle and throw off rainbow-hued light when the sun hits them truly makes my heart happy and I love sharing that feeling through the pieces that I design. The Swarovski brand is very dedicated to the quality and precision of their product which is something I have incredible respect for. I've never found another crystal brand quite like theirs which is why I'm so proud to work with them as a branding partner.

A: I'm always working on something new. Currently I'm working on some exciting new leather pieces and jewelry boxes. I also want to expand my designs to include those with body modifications. I feel like that's one area of jewelry design that is often overlooked and I want to change that.

A: I love connecting with my customers and it's a wonderful feeling when they genuinely connect back. Recently I had someone tell me that they were wearing one of my necklaces when she passed by a mirror and thought to herself β€œI look beautiful in this.” She said it totally changed her sense of self and boosted her confidence beyond measure. Hearing something like that means everything to me. It makes all the hard work worth it.

A: I would go into total fangirl mode if I saw one of my own personal style heroes like Kat Von D, Dita Von Teese, or Francis Bean Cobain wearing my jewelry. I think the ultimate moment would be seeing a total stranger on the street wearing Bunny Paige.

A: My personal style is always evolving, however, I've always had an affinity for the alternative fashion scene. I'm a 90s girl at heart so I'm very influenced by the glory days of grunge and goth but I'm also enamored by the classic fashion of the 1940s and 50s. My mom and aunt were my style icons growing up. They taught me to be fearless and to take chances which still greatly influences my style to this day.

A: Absolutely! I have so many ideas of ways that I want to expand the Bunny Paige brand. I've had daydreams of creating a small beauty line soon and clothing design is something I've always been interested in. I want to do a little bit of everything.

A: Bunny Paige has steadily grown bigger and bigger and I don't see that stopping any time soon. I want to keep building my brand and continue to offer products that make people feel beautiful, confident, and powerful. I want to build an empire.