Rock Candy Bracelet

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Genuine jade gemstone and sparkling Swarovski crystal bracelets in vivid candy colors that look good enough to eat.

  • Explore the inspiration behind the collection:

    Magenta jade gemstones + sparkling fuchsia Swarovski crystals.
    Dragon fruit is nature's version of neon fuchsia pink - magical! Delicious, beautiful, + just a hint alien which is exactly how this color makes me feel.

    Orange jade beads + coral Swarovski crystals.
    Coral summer sunsets by the lake. I can almost smell the burning bonfires, coconut scented sunscreen, and the fresh mint from my favorite summer chill out drink - a lychee mojito.

    🌿☕GREEN TEA🌿☕
    Pale green jade beads + opalescent mint green Swarovski crystals.
    Pale green terraced rows of green tea & vanilla ice cream cones. This color reminds me of my hikes through the tea fields in Boseong, South Korea and drinking iced green tea in the sun.

    Sunshine yellow jade beads + sparkling lemon yellow Swarovski crystals.
    Neon lemon pie is confectionery sunshine. Meyer lemons are sweeter than ordinary lemons. It's like they were born to be pie.

    Pale pink beads + blush rose Swarovski crystals.
    Pink lemonade is every perfect sunny day spent at the pool in the summer. It's fireflies and 9pm sunsets. It's everything beautiful about summer.

    Violet jade beads + pale amethyst Swarovski crystals.
    Little purple sugar flowers that decorate ornate cakes and candies in Paris patisserie windows. The natural lavender variations in these jade stones reminds me of those crystallized & slightly perfumed candy flowers.

    • Jade gemstones
    • Made with Swarovski® crystals
    • One size fits most; stretch