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Swarovski's Xirius Crystal - One Step Closer To The Diamond

Xirius Crystals

Every crystal and rhinestone on earth gets its beauty by how well it is cut. No matter what material the crystal is made of - resin, acrylic, or glass - a precision cut means more facets which lets more light be dispersed through out the stone. This creates the rich colors, brilliance, and  even the sparkle we covet from a high quality crystal.

Cut and quality were two things a young Daniel Swarovski learned a lot about working as an apprentice in his father's North Bohemia glass processing factory. With its countrysides abundant in natural resources North Bohemia was already well known for producing its infamous Czech glass and crystal which was displayed in palaces all over Europe and sought after by the wealthy. However, everything was still being produced laboriously by hand which made cutting super fine detail impossible.

When he was 21, Swarovski first had the idea of using a machine to grind crystal stones to perfection while visiting the "First Electrical Exhibition" in Vienna. He worked countless days and nights until he had built a prototype machine and in 1892, nine years later, he filed for a patent for the world's very first electric crystal cutting machine. Swarovski's glass cutting machine marked a whole new era of crystal and defined the innovative spirit that the company would become known for. It was then that Daniel Swarovski laid out the vision he had for this brand; to create a "diamond" a for every woman by producing the highest quality and most precisely cut crystal stone the world has ever seen.

In 2014, Swarovski took a huge leap forward in its tradition of innovation with its release of the celestial-inspired Xirius flat back crystal. Named after the brightest star in the galaxy, the Xirius crystal uses an exclusive high-precision cutting technique to produce an intricate star cut that produces rich color and extraordinary sparkle. Not only can the unrivaled radiance and clarity of the Xirius crystal be seen with the naked eye, it has also been scientifically proven to surpass the current market standard of quality.

Swarovski rhinestone flat back progression Photo courtesy of Rhinestones Unlimited.

The progression of Swarovki's flat backs over the last 15 years. Photo courtesy of Rhinestones Unlimited.


Fueled by the innovative spirit of its founder the Swarovski brand has continued to lead the way in creating new and innovative way to cut and treat crystal and redefined the very meaning of luxury. The Xirius crystal represents over hundred years of ingenuity and determination taking us one step closer to seeing Daniel Swarovski's dream of creating diamonds become a reality.

"Our heritage is a heart felt obligation to continuously refine crystal manufacturing. With the Xirius family inspired by the brightest star in the sky, we created a sparkling tool box for creative minds all over the world. The sophisticated and multi-layered cut makes each crystal a revolution in itself."
- Markus Langes-Swarovski, great-grandson of Daniel Swarovski


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