A swarovski crystal heart resting in the mouth of a model dripping with glitter.


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Bunny Paige's Spiked Heart is the main character in
Cirque Du Soleil's Run

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Model wearing a black tube top with a fishnet shirt underneath a leather jacket and thigh high boots. She is looking up towards the sun which catches the sparkle of the Bunny Paige Spiked and Paved Heart she's wearing around her neck.

Irresistibly Fearless

“I design everything for those who wears their heart on their sleeve - even if that heart is slightly guarded and covered in spikes.”

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I ordered a spiked heart necklace for my daughter and she loved it... Jumping up and down kind of love! 🤘 It is the coolest piece of jewelry I’ve ever seen and it’s perfect for her edgy style. Lauren, was very helpful, friendly and accommodating! Great service and beautiful craftsmanship! I will definitely be buying more from Bunny Paige!🫶

The sleek showroom offers so many beautiful pieces that grab your attention, no matter what direction you're looking! I also love the vanity area, where you can try on all of the dazzling necklacesearringsbraceletssunglasses and more. Very welcoming and fun atmosphere!

This is possibly my favourite piece of jewellery ever… It stops people at work in their tracks and I've got so many complements and questions about it. I'm so lucky to have come across Bunny Paige. All her items are unique and beautifully crafted. I can't recommend this seller - or this item enough!

Love love lovvvvvve these things of beauty made by Bunny Paige! I have heart and bunny necklaces, I love their design aesthetic and their quality and the fact that the company is made up of 2 wonderful hardworking creative geniuses! Who are also super nice! Do yourself a favor & go meet them & get their wares! 😊❤👍👍

Saw the necklace in a Ask A Mortician video on YouTube, fell in love with it and now it's mine. Love it. People keep wanting to touch it to see if the spikes hurt and how the colours change with the light.

I received a classic spiked paved heart in Volcano as a birthday gift last year. It is gorgeous and 100% my favorite jewelry piece. These hand made pieces are definitely made with love, thought, and care; and they will certainly last. if you love the style, I say it's well worth picking something up. I certainly will be buying more pieces in the future.

I've purchased a paved heart necklace and rock candy bracelet for myself. I have also bought a few items as gifts. Everything I've ordered has been wonderful. I know every time I put on my black cherry paved heart necklace that at least one person will ask me where I bought it.

I love Bunny Paige! Her accessories are so unique and made with love...She hand makes each piece including the hearts themselves. Her designs are second to none, and always add that extra level on glamour and drama to any outfit. She is also so incredibly great to work with, and will make custom pieces just for you; the quality of each piece is exquisite, using all Swarovski crystals. Her gallery/shop space is absolutely gorgeous; I highly recommend visiting!

I am obsessed with my Bunny Paige necklace, and look forward to collecting many, many more in the future. These bold, powerful statement pieces are great conversation starters, and they make the wearer feel strong and dazzling. The customer service is also top notch! I cannot recommend Bunny Paige enough! 😻

Lauren knows how to treat her clients. The shop is modern and edgy with a pin up touch. Her jewelry is like non other! All pieces are hand made by her! When owning one of her pieces, you get all her hard work and love with each one. Love this little gem of a local company!

Can't imagine owning a jewellery that screams my name louder than this mini jet black spiked necklace.
Thank you, @bunny_paige, it's stunning!

I find that many hair pins don't hold my hair well - these are amazing! Not only do they match my Volcano Spiked Heart Necklace, but they look fantastic in my black hair. I love these pins - very glad I added them to my order.

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